Graced Places: The Architecture of Wilson Eyre

The University Museum, perspective by Wilson Eyre, architect, 
1895 (Architectural Archives, University of Pennsylvania)  

This material was originally presented as part of an exhibition of architectural drawings titled "Graced Places: The Architecture of Wilson Eyre," held at the Arthur Ross Gallery of the University of Pennsylvania from March to May 1994. The multimedia component of the exhibit, developed using Apple's HyperCard 2.2 and incorporating graphics, text, and digitized video, now resides at the Architectural Archives. This first WWW implementation has been prepared in conjunction with the meeting of the CAUSE/CNI regional conference in Philadelphia on June 2-3,1994. This small subset of the original focuses on a handful of Eyre's institutional commissions, including The University Museum, located adjacent to the conference site. Special thanks to Chris Hiester and Patrick George for help putting this together. This version may be expanded in the future to include a wider set of commissions, particularly the domestic work for which Eyre was best known.

This Mosaic interface treats eight of roughly 100 projects from the Hypercard interface. It permits the user to link (clicking on colored text or color-bordered images) to some overall discussions of Eyre's work and life, to information about the authors and sponsors of this project, and to greater depth on each on the eight projects. Clicking on an icon near the bottom of this page will bring you to text and images relating to individual projects. Clicking on an image within a project expands it to its maximum size. In most circumstances you can return to where you were previously by clicking on the leftward arrow near the upper left corner of the screen. Copying this information is not presently authorized, and all rights to the images and text are reserved.

"Graced Places," An Introductory Note

Wilson Eyre,1858-1944

Softened Formalities and Artful Enterprise: Eyre's Institutional and Commercial Work

A selection of architectural projects by Wilson Eyre:

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The University Museum, 1895-1915

The University Museum, extension, 1921-29

Mask and Wig Club, 1894, 1901

City Trust Building,1887-88, 1895-96

J. W. Pullman office, alterations, 1886

Women's Homeopathic Hospital, 1884-87

Memorial Church of Our Father, 1880

McPherson Square Library, 1915-17

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