Real Estate Design and Development Certificate

Students completing the required courses will receive a Certificate in Real Estate Design & Development in addition to their degree. The program includes courses in the School of Design and in the Wharton School. Submatriculating students and students enrolled in a dual-degree program will require extra time to complete the certificate, since courses that are counted for two degrees, cannot also be credited towards a certificate.

Deadline for admission is November 1.
Applications for the certificate program are available in the Admissions office for students already enrolled in PennDesign. There are a limited number of places and students are admitted on the basis of educational accomplishments and relevant work experience. Ten students are accepted each year and are guaranteed places in most classes. Additional students may be accepted to the certificate as long as they can complete the required courses (see link below).

For additional information, please visit the Design Students Real Estate Club.

Letter from the Program Director

If you've come to study at the School of Design at Penn, it's because you want to have a positive and lasting effect on the built environment.

Student FAQs

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