• Charlette Caldwell

    Historic Preservation Student
  • Niccolo Benghi

    Architecture Student
  • Kasey Ryan Toomey

    Dual MLA/MFA Student
  • Katrina Healy

    M.Arch Student
  • Keenan Bennett

    Fine Arts Student
  • Alyssa Garcia

    Master of City Planning Student
  • Evan Oskierko-Jeznacki

    Dual MEBD/MS HSPV Student
  • Brett Peanasky

    Dual MCP/Law Student
  • Veronika Ortega

    Landscape Architecture Student
  • Luis Jasso

    Architecture Student
  • Shruthi Arvind

    City and Regional Planning Student
  • Evan Oxland

    Historic Preservation Student
  • Ryosuke Imaeda

    Master of Architecture, Post-Professional Degree

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