Meet a Student

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Margaret Gerhart

is a second year Master of Architecture student

Grey Pierce

is a first year Historic Preservation student

Alyssa Olson

is a dual Architecture/Landscape Architecture student in her fourth year

William Wong

William Wong is a Master of Architecture student in his final year.

Lydia Rosenberg

is a first-year MFA student

Anthony Bowers

is a second year MFA student

Evan Nabrit

is a second year Fine Arts student

Jorge Arredondo

is a first year MLA student

Jillian Nameth

is a dual City and Regional Planning/Landscape Architecture student in her final year

Saahiti Penigalapati

is a Master of Environmental Building Design student

Rachel Isacoff

is a second year Historic Preservation student

Dana Dobson

is a second year City Planning student

Michael Smith

Michael Smith is a second-year MLA student in the Second Professional Degree program

Janet Lee

is a third-year Landscape Architecture student

Janice Kim

is a second year MArch student

Laurens Deuling

is an MArch Post-Professional degree student