Overview & Degrees Offered

Degree programs and courses in architecture at PennDesign.

With approximately 250 graduate students, the department is housed at Meyerson Hall, in the heart of the University of Pennsylvania campus, at the corner of Walnut Street and 34th Street. In addition to design studios, exhibition spaces, classrooms, and offices, this facility includes state-of-the-art laboratories for computing and fabrication and two advanced research labs: the Digital Design Research Lab and the Building Simulation Group.

The professional program in Architecture offers a number of study abroad options, currently including a semester abroad in London as well as summer abroad programs in Paris and Tokyo. It enjoys collaborative relationships with other disciplines of the School of Design - historic preservation, landscape architecture, city planning and fine arts and offers dual degrees and certificates in many of these allied fields. Students are eligible for a range of scholarships, including travel scholarships.

Please click on a link below to learn more about the academic programs offered by the Department of Architecture. Download one of the following pdf's for Architecture Course Descriptions or the Architecture Course Roster:


Professional Program (M.Arch)

The Master of Architecture program is a three-year first professional program at the graduate level.

Post-Professional Program (M.Arch II)

NOTE: The PPD // Master of Architecture: Post-Professional (M.Arch II) is changing from a two-semester program to a three-semester program! Changes are outlined at the bottom of the page and will be in effect for academic year 2014-2015.

The PPD is intended for individuals who hold a five-year Bachelor of Architecture professional degree and seek to supplement, extend, or focus their previous education in architecture.


Certificate & Dual Degree programs

PennDesign offers a multitude of interdisciplinary programs including dual degree options and certificates.

Master of Science in Architecture

The Master of Science degree is intended for those with an undergraduate professional degree in architecture who wish to pursue a self-directed program of study at the advanced level.

Doctoral Program (Ph.D. Architecture)

The Ph.D. Program in Architecture confers an advanced research degree.


Links and downloads

Master in Environmental Building Design (MEBD)

An advanced, one-year Master in Environmental Building Design (MEBD) for architects seeking new skills and competitive advantage in the growing field of sustainable design.



Integrated Product Design (IPD)

Masters of Integrated Product Design