Travel Fellowships

Various travel awards

Zhichun Xu (Alex)
First place prize- Schenk-Woodman

Schenck Woodman Winners

1st- Alyssa Kay Olson
1st- Joshua Clay Jordan
Honorable Mention- Jacqueline Ann Martinez
Honorable Mention- Frederick Webster Day
Honorable Mention- Michael Scott Kipfer

Dales 2011 Fellowship Prize Winner Ihnil Kim

This pictures is taken from Istanbul, Turkey last summer in front of Blue Mosque with his friend Ceren Yoldas, who is a Turkish architect.

James Smyth Warner Memorial Prize
Awarded to the second year student with the highest record in required studio courses. Established in 1938 by Professor George Walter Dawson for a student in Architecture; prize to be used for expenses for a trip to see and study American architecture.

Awarded to: Erin Saven

Van Alen
This prize is awarded to one Architecture student and one Landscape student who are in the second year of their programs, for summer travel to Europe.

Awarded to: Kyle O'Connor



Albert F. Schenck Memorial Scholarship
Awarded for travel abroad on the basis of a design competition for first year MArch students.

2013 Winners
1st - Nichole Cabezas, Natasha Chalmikas, Jie Xu, Yelena Zolotorevskaya 
2nd - Jacqueline Martinez, Stephen Ellis, Xiaoqing Liu, Anyi Song 
3rd - Amanda Huang, Chieh Huang, Nicholas Mariakas, Michael Zimmerman 
Honorable Mention - Nicholas Auger, Jon Canter, Yihan Li, Kate Rodgers, Billy Wang 
Honorable Mention - Heng Gu, Angelina Jones, Jee Kim, Brian McVeigh 

E. Lewis Dales Traveling Fellowship Competition
Awarded each year to approximately one-third of the second year class for travel abroad in the summer before their final year of study. Students are selected for the Fellowship through a portfolio competition.

2013 Winners
Top Five
Eric Hull
Nathaniel Schlundt
Jonathan Dessi-Olive
William Wong
Anna Ishii

Zhi Chun Xu
Michael Iskandar
Jianjun Ren
Kathryn Viechnicki
Yuchen Zhang
Lauren Mears
Jinglu Li
Xinyue Guo
Eric Wong
Laura Carey
Fatima Al Doukhi
Ming-Chang Liu
Alex Holstein
Tianqi Zhang
Christopher Chung
Lindsay Rule
Brian Hsin
Steven Kocher
Yiju Tseng
Michael Obot
Jenna Bolino
Richard Fisher
Jia Kim
Anoop Patel
Kristy Kimball
Stacy Krieg
Kristin Simpson
Sam Rosen
Arman Hosseini
Michael Kipfer

Stewardson Competition
The John Stewardson Memorial Scholarship in Architecture, established in 1897, is a statewide competition among the five schools of architecture in Pennsylvania for a traveling fellowship after graduation. ----- Winners of the department's internal qualifying competition are entered in the statewide competition.

2013 Winners
2nd - Qiyao Li
3rd- Erin Saven

Van Alen Traveling Fellowship
Awarded to one landscape architecture and one architecture student, in the second year of their programs, for summer travel to France, Italy and/or Spain.