Paul Philippe Cret Collection


[Student Work]
[Commercial Buildings]
[Government Commissions]
[Pan American Union]
[Scholarly Institutions]
[Urban Projects]

[Designs of Seals, Book Plates, Title Pages, Medals, Etc.]
[Industrial Design]
[Awards, Degrees, Certificates, and Memorabilia]
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Study of Penn Square, 1924 [without City Hall]

Architectural Work :

I. Student Work - Ecole Des Beaux Arts

II. Commercial Bridges

III. Commercial Buildings

IV. Competitions

V. Exhibitions and Governmental Commissions

VI. Governmental Commissions

VII. Memorials - American Battle Monuments Commissions

VIII. Memorials

IX. Museums

XIII. Pan American Union Building

XIV. Residences

XV. Scholarly Institutions

XXIII. Urban Projects

Non-Architectural Work :

I. Sketches/Drawings

II. Designs of Seals, Book Plates, Title Page, Medals, etc.

15.1- 15.8; 12.1, 12.2; 13.1, 13.2; 14.1, 14.2

III. Industrial Design

VI. Miscellaneous Works

V. Sketchbook and Sketches

VI. Medals Designed by Cret

VII. Medals

VIII. Awards, Degrees, Certificates, and Memorabilia

IX. Photographs

X. Watercolors

Col. Oscar Lahalle Works

I. Watercolors