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Portrait of Frank Miles Day

Adler Strauss, Travel sketch, 1885.

Maria degli Angeli, Travel sketch, 1910.


B.Arch, U. of Pennsylvania, 1883

Honorary Masters degree by Yale U., 1916; honorary doctorate by U. of Pennsylvania, 1918.

President of the A.I.A., 1906-07; membership in the Imperial Society of Russian Architects, the National Academy of Design, the National Institute of Arts and Letters, R.I.B.A., and the American Academy in Rome; won the prize of the Architectural Association of London, 1885; his firm received the gold medal from the Philadelphia chapter of the AIA, 1918

About the Collection

Office records, newspaper and journal clippings, photographs, correspondence, memorabilia, sixteen travel notebooks, honorary degrees and awards. Included are two projects on the Pennsylvania campus, Houston Hall (1894) and Weightman Hall (1902).

Recent gift of nearly one hundred travel sketches from his granddaughter, Frances Lukens Hays.