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Beaux-Arts Drawing, 1908.
Graduating first in his class in architecture in 1906 from the University of Pennyslvania, Ellett won the Gold Brooke Medal, and continued his studies as a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome. His impeccably conceived residences, married to handsomely designed gardens, put him in the forefront of a large and talented group of architects, whose creations epitomized the confident pre-depression society of the years immediately before and after World War I. It was, however, for his Cosmopolitan Club in New York City that he received his highest award, the Gold Medal of the Architectural League of New York, in 1933. In the later depression years of the 1930's, he built a series of post offices; the most distinguished as well as the largest was for the Bronx, New York.

About the Collection

The collection of sixty-eight projects designed between 1915 and 1948 includes eighteen hundred and thirty-four personal sketches and presentation renderings, three hundred seventy-four working drawings and one hundred and seventy-nine photographs as well his travel records, office ledger and certificates.

Gift of Mr.and Mrs. W.H. Benjamin, 1985.