Charles Zeller Klauder (1872-1938)
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Chemistry Building, Franklin and Marshall College. (Enlarge to 139k)

Ekhart Hall, University of Chicago, 1929.

Gold Medal, A.I.A., 1921; Gold Medal, Architectural League, N.Y. 1921; Grand Prix Pan American Congress of Architects, 1927; Architectural Medal, Olympic Games, 1928; F.A.I.A.

About the Collection

Projects include Alma College Chapel, 1941 and First Presbyterian Church, 1928, Kalamazoo, MI, 1941; Mercersberg Academy, Proposed Lab, 1939; and Stannton Military Academy, 1931. In addition, the recent acquisition of a previously unrecorded collection of 250 drawings for the Woodrow Wilson residence, Washington, DC, is held by the Architectural Archives. Klauder collaborated with Frank Miles Day on many projects which exemplify the collegiate gothic style.

Gifts of John Lloyd.