Benjamin Mouton

Fri. 5 April, 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Meyerson Hall, Upper Gallery

'Restoring a Double Architectural Icon: Notre Dame de Paris'

Between archaic gothic times and classical style, Notre Dame de Paris was, in the early 13th century, the most accomplished cathedral in Europe. Seven centuries later, the restoration work of Viollet-le-Duc, the most emblematic 19th century restoration, opens up to a modern way, the conservation of historical monuments. Nowadays, this 13th and 19th century masterpiece is being restored with the most sophisticated technical and doctrinal tools.

Sponsored by the Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship.

Benjamin Mouton

Born in 1948, qualified architect DPLG (1972), diploma from the Ecole de Chaillot (1975), Chief Architect of Historic Monuments (1980) and General Inspector of Historic Monuments (1994). Since 1980, Benjamin Mouton has worked on studies and projects and directed the restoration work on the historic monuments of the Finistere and Morbihan (1980 to 1987), the Eure (1987 to 1993) and the Eure et Loir (1987 to 1994) departments. He is currently responsible for the Hotel National des Invalides, the Val de Grace, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts and the cathedral of Notre‐Dame de Paris.  

A former president of ICOMOS France (2000 to 2006) and of the Academie d'Architecture (2005 to 2008), Mouton is responsible for international projects (ICOMOS Executive Committee, UNESCO Expert) and has participated in many national and international congresses.

Associate professor at the Ecole de Chaillot since 1993, Mouton is responsible for the coordination of the Department of Architecture. Having created the joint workshops in 1994, he oversaw the work of the workshops (in Romania, Scotland, China and Greece) and also teaches in schemes organised by the school in Sofia, Damascus and Rabat. 

Knight of the Ordre National de la Legion d'Honneur, Officer in the Ordre National du Merite and the Ordre des Arts et Lettres. Commandeur of the Merite Culturel Roumain, Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.