Wed. 21 April (All day)
Meyerson Hall B3

Gary Hill, April 21st, 4:30PM

Gary Hill will give a lecture as a distinguished visitor to the Fine Arts Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Recognized as one of the most accomplished artists of his generation, Hill is widely known as a pioneer of new media art from the 1970s into the present. His early forays into the interconnections between language and electronic imaging and the discovery of a principle of "electronic linguistics" opened new territory in art, with implications for language art, consciousness, thinking, and extended possibilities in electronic composition. His work generates resonant philosophical and poetic insight as he explores the formal interplay of electronic visual and audio elements, often in conjunction with the physical body and with exploration of many aspects of "physicality." With experimental rigor, conceptual precision, and imaginative leaps of discovery, Hill's work in video is about, and itself comprises, a new form of writing.

Spring 2010 Visiting Artist Lecture Series