The New Normal: Experiments in Contemporary Generative Design

Thu. 14 November, 6:30pm - Fri. 15 November, 8:30pm
Meyerson Hall - Lower and Upper Galleries

Since its emergence roughly twenty years ago, generative digital design has fundamentally altered the way in which we conceptualize, design, and fabricate architecture. Virtually every aspect of our profession has been radically transformed. These innovations have not been restricted to questions of technology alone, and have fueled a lively debate among leading educators, theoreticians, and practitioners in their respective efforts to understand the larger cultural ramifications triggered by this phenomenon.

The New Normal will investigate how the role of experimentation can continue to contribute to architecture education, design research and practice, theory, and fabrication. The focus of the symposium will be to assess the current state of technology and how researchers, practitioners, and theoreticians incorporate rigorous modes of speculation into their work. In particular, we are interested in how digital tools have allowed for new conceptions of the practice of architecture. We hope to have a dynamic discussion, and encourage participants to discuss recent projects and also speculate as to the future possibilities of generative practice.


6:00-6:30PM Registration Sign-In

6:30PM Keynote Lecture by Neil Denari (Neil M. Denari Architects and UCLA)


9:15-10:00AM Breakfast (Upper Gallery) and Registration Sign-In

10:00AM Welcome and Introduction

10:30AM Panel 1: "New Assemblages"
   Moderator: Roland Snooks (PennDesign, Kokkugia)
   Panelists: Manuel De Landa (PennDesign)
        Mark Goulthorpe (deCOi Architects, Hyposurface, Zero+, MIT)
        Simon Kim (PennDesign, IK Studio)
        Brandon Kruysman (Kruysman-Proto, Bot&Dolly, SCI-Arc)
        Francois Roche (New-Territories Architects)

12:30-1:30PM Lunch (all break for lunch)

1:30PM Panel 2: "New Niche"
   Moderator: Ferda Kolatan (PennDesign, su11 architecture + design)
   Panelists: Michael Loverich (Bittertang)
        Drura Parris (Parrish Holdings)
        Jason Payne (UCLA, Hirsuta)
        Jonah Rowen (SCI-Arc, Project)

3:30-4:00 Coffee Break and Sale of Pressing Matters 2 (Upper Gallery)

4:00PM Panel 3: "The Anorganic"
   Moderator: Winka Dubbeldam (PennDesign, Archi-tectonics)
   Panelists: Philip Beesley (University of Waterloo)
        Lydia Kallipoliti (Syracuse U, Cooper Union, EcoRedux, ANAcycle design + writing)
        Tobias Klein (Studio Tobias Klein)
        Gaston Nogues (Ball-Nogues Studio)
        Coren Sharples (SHoP Architects, SHoP Construction)

6:30PM Keynote Lecture by Ben van Berkel (UNStudio)

Sale of Pressing Matters 2 following the keynote.

***Registration is required. Continuing education credits are available.***