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Panorama is the annual academic publication of the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of Pennslyvania School of Design. A student-run publication, it surveys contemporary planning issues and reflects the interests and mindset of the graduate master of city planning students at the university. Please click on a links below to view past issues. Past issues are also available in hard copy. Please contact Kate Daniel at for requests.

The Link is the periodic newsletter published by the Department of City and Regional Planning. Download pdfs of past issues below.


Panorama 2014

"Mend the Gap" refers to the need for planners to recognize that a gap between today's planning trends and the public's perceptions of them does exist. The articles in this year's Panorama seek to reconcile this gap by directly tackling some of the muddier trends and thornier perceptions that personify the current era of planning.

Panorama 2011

The 2011 student published Panoram explores the them of POST I

Panorama 2013

"Leveraging with Less" expresses the demands and possibilities to consider when planning for the future of cities.  In this year's Panorama, our authors aim to discover how planning interventions can work within the existing conditions- or upend them- to find the best possible outcome for cities.

Panorama 2010

This year's journal's theme is Overlays and Intersections.

Panorama 2012

This issue of Panorama goes from The Studio to the Streets (recasting the role of planning).