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Links to facilities and resources at the University.

Architectural Archives
The Architectural Archives of the University of Pennsylvania preserves the works of more than 400 designers from the 18th century to the present. The archives facility in the lower level of the Fisher Fine Arts Library houses the Kroiz exhibition gallery, a specialized library, reading room, and seminar room, as well as storage and processing facilities.

Architectural Conservation Laboratory
The Architectural Conservation Laboratory of the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation is devoted to training and research in the conservation of the built environment. This specialized facility provides a unique intellectual environment for those pursuing studies in architectural conservation and the history of building technology. The Laboratory encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration on contemporary issues related to the conservation of culturally significant buildings, monuments, and sites throughout the world. Through grants and sponsored projects, the faculty and staff of the Historic Preservation Program, in collaboration with other University centers such as the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter and the Cartographic Modeling Laboratory, conduct a full agenda of research dedicated to field survey, recording, analysis of building materials, and treatment evaluation of historic structures. The ACL has cooperative agreements with many private and public agencies and educational institutions in the U.S. and abroad which provide opportunities for independent study, thesis work, and sponsored research for students from Penn and guest institutions. Selected projects also provide funded opportunities for post-graduate students pursuing the Advanced Certificate in Architectural Conservation.

Arthur Ross Gallery
Housed on the University of Pennsylvania campus in a National Historic Landmark Building designed by Frank Furness, the Gallery presents a year-round schedule of art exhibitions, including objects from the University's collections, and other major public and private collections. The Gallery also offers public lectures and tours, children's programs, and traveling exhibitions with an interdisciplinary appeal and international focus.

Links to upcoming and ongoing arts and cultural events at Penn from literary arts to the theater.

Building Simulation Group
The goal of the group is to develop, investigate, and utilize in practice computational models and techniques for building simulation. This covers broad research issues from interface development, such as Augmented Reality to inference mechanisms, CFD, thermal and lighting simulation and knowledge base systems.

Career Services
A collection of online and offline careeer building resources for PennDesign students and alumni.

Cartographic Modeling Lab
The Cartographic Modeling Lab specializes in the use of geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial analysis methods. We collaborate with researchers, policy makers and community based organizations on a variety of GIS projects with a special focus on urban and social policy analysis in Philadelphia.

Computing Resources at PennDesign
The people, software, and equipment necessary to provide services, and core business services for PennDesign.

Department of the History of Art of University of Pennsylvania

Fabrication Lab
The School of Design Fabrication Lab is a woodworking and metalworking facility designed to be used as a practical laboratory extension of classroom theory. The lab is equipped for all phases of woodworking, metalworking, and machining, as well as digital fabrication with computer numeric controlled routing and 2 axis laser cutting. The Lab is available to all School of Design students and to all students enrolled in ancillary School of Design courses.

Fine Arts Resources at PennDesign
The Fine Arts studios and facilities for printmaking, sculpture, photography, video, and ceramics are dedicated to use by students enrolled in related courses or programs within the department. 

Fisher Fine Arts Library
The services and collections of the Fisher Fine Arts Library facilitate work in architecture, landscape architecture, city and regional planning, historic preservation, history of art, and fine arts. Textual and image collections, both analog and digital, are global in nature. Library orientation, reference service, and research consultation are available. Computers offer access to information resources; wireless access to the network is provided with PennKey authentication. Scanning workstations include file transfer capability.

Franklin Library Catalog

Graduate Student Center University of Pennsylvania

Morris Arboretum
Listed on The National Register of Historic Places, it is an interdisciplinary resource center for the University, and is recognized as the official arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Science, art, and humanities are pursued through a variety of research, teaching, and outreach programs that link the Arboretum to a worldwide effort to nurture the earth's forests, fields and landscapes.

PennDesign MFA Forum
FYI on the inside workings of our MFA students minds and studios, plus info on exhibitions, lectures, news, events and more.

Penn Institute for Urban Research
The Penn Institute for Urban Research is dedicated to fostering increased understanding of cities and developing new knowledge bases that will be vital in charting the course of local national and international urbanization. By providing an umbrella structure for the urban focused scholarship, research and civic engagement within Penn's twelve schools, the Penn IUR provides the synergy needed to address urban challenges in the 21st century. As a campus-wide institute, Penn IUR sponsors a number of initiatives, stimulates research, provides opportunities for collaborative instruction and engages with the world of practitioners and policymakers.

Penn Praxis has been created by PennDesign to further the mission of the school in the fields of architecture, planning, landscape architecture, community development, public art and historic preservation. PennPraxis is a vehicle for carrying out practical or applied projects for external clients under the direction of PennDesign faculty.

Penn-Tsinghua TC Chan Center for Building Simulation and Energy Studies
The mission of the T.C. Chan Center for Building and Energy Studies is to develop new knowledge, tools, processes, techniques and continuing education for professionals involved in building simulation and technology. The goal is to create healthier, productive, energy efficient strategies that will lead to high performance buildings and sustainable environments. The Center engages in the creation (research), application (consulting) and dissemination (communication) of knowledge.

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

via publications
via is a collaborative of interdisciplinary students, professors, and professionals, founded by graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. via is a resurrection of a title produced by PennDesign students from 1968-1990. Its first volume titled 'Ecology in Design' featured the work of emerging theorists and designers: Luis Barragan and Louis Kahn, for example. The book series title, via, literally, 'by way of', reinforces the book's function as a verb. The content animates the examination of a single topic, and the juxtaposition of the chosen works, regardless of the multitude of philosophies and methodologies present, brings forth new understandings of that topic. In 1968, via original aim was to catalog "ways of thinking"; in its relaunch, Occupation brings forth a working catalog of "ways of doing" where designers become active agents, catalyzing and shaping contemporary discourse through the means in which they work. via's content animates the examination fo a single topic and the juxtaposition serves to trigger reinterpretation.via is a non-profit academic book series, and is dependent on the generous support of individuals to continue. Please consider helping at any level you can. Contributors are fully tax deductible. To help support via, contact us at