Awards & Fellowships

The following awards and fellowships are offered by the Dean of the School of Design.

The Chairs of the appropriate Departments nominate candidates for these awards. Several awards are applied for directly by the student and are marked with an asterisk (*), while several are awarded through competitions and are marked with two asterisks (**).

Charles Addams Memorial Prize awarded annually to a graduating Master of Fine Arts student in the Department of Fine Arts.

Herbert S. Adler Fellowship supports fellowships across the school.

*The American Institute of Architects administers funds for the study of architecture for which all architectural students in the school are eligible. Application should be made early in November directly to the A.I.A., The Octagon, 1735 New York Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20006.

Anshen & Allen Scholarship Fund provides fellowships to eligible students in architecture and/or city and regional planning.

Architecture Alumni Fellowship established in 1966, provides fellowships for students of architecture.

Albert Binder Fellowship awarded to historic preservation students for travel to conferences or for special research projects.

The Ivon Hayes Blackman Memorial Trust awarded to a deserving student who wishes to enroll and receive a degree in the architectural field.

Board of Overseers Scholarship awarded to deserving students in departments of the School of Design.

David Lukens Bockius, Jr. Traveling Scholarship Fund through a gift from the estate of David Lukens Bockius Jr., AR 35, to provide traveling fellowships for students of architecture while they are completing their graduate professional education.

Robert Scott Brown Fellowship offered by the University in his memory to a promising student from Africa or another developing area to prepare for work in a developing area in planning, architecture, or landscape architecture.

Roberts M. Bujac Memorial Scholarship founded in 1963 by his family and friends for the study of architecture.

Theophilus Parsons Chandler Architecture Fellowships founded in 1930 by Sophie Madeleine du Pont Chandler for advanced study or for travel abroad, are awarded annually to graduates in architecture.

City and Regional Planning Fellowship provides fellowships to students in City and Regional Planning.

*Susan Cromwell Coslett Travelling Fellowship established in 1998 to honor the memory of the former Assistant Dean. Awarded to a student in the School of Design to visit gardens and landscapes. Interested applicants must submit a proposal to the Dean of the School of Design.

Paul Philippe Cret Memorial Scholarship in architecture, founded by the Architectural Alumni Society in 1946, provides tuition assistance to a student in his or her final year.

Crossways Foundation Fellowship provides financial assistance to students in city and regional planning.

**E. Lewis Dales Memorial established under his will in 1963, for travel abroad during the summer prior to the student's final year as a candidate for the first professional degree in architecture. A competition for these awards is conducted by the Department of Architecture in January.

Lewis Davis Scholarship provides tuition assistance to a deserving architecture student.

David G. De Long Fellowship honoring the legacy of David G. De Long MAR'63, emeritus professor of architecture. Provides fellowships to outstanding students in Historic Preservation.

Stuart Egnal Scholarship awarded in memory of Stuart Egnal to a fine arts student.

Carl A. Erickson Scholarship awarded to deserving students in architecture.

Wendy Evans Traveling Scholarship provides support to undergraduate students who major in architecture for summer travel between their junior and senior years to study the natural and built environment in any area of the world.

William J. & Flora C. Fedeli Fellowship provides fellowships for exceptional and deserving students pursuing a master's degree in architecture.

Anne Fisher Graduate Fellowship provides awards to exceptional and deserving students earning a dual master's degree in architecture and landscape architecture during their final year.

Foosaner Fellowship Fund provides an fellowship to a student specializing in sculpting, painting, or wood.

Martin I. Freeman, Jr. Fellowship provides fellowships to students in the School of Design.

Pegotty W. Gilson Fellowship provides tuition assistance to a woman over the age of 35 who desires to change her life through the study of architecture.

Steele William Gray Scholarship in architecture, established in 1960.

Edna C. and Monroe Gutman Fellowhip provides fellowships to the most outstanding students in each department of the School of Design. This distinguished fellowship was established by the Edna and Monroe Gutman family.

Halpern-Rogath Fine Arts Traveling Fellowship provides selected fine arts students with funding to allow them to travel nationally and internationally to exhibitions, museum, and art centers.

Robert and Susan Heidenberg Fellowship provides financial support to students in the School of Design entering the final year of their professional program.

Edmund D. Hollander Fellowship and Prize in memory of Ian McHarg, provides a fellowship to an incoming student in landscape architecture, and a prize to a graduating student in landscape architecture. These awards are supported by Edmund D. Hollander MLA '83 and Maryanne Connelly MLA ‘84.

Albert Kahn Memorial Scholarship established in 1946 by Mrs. Kahn, her daughters, and her son, in memory of the late Albert Kahn, for graduate study in architecture.

Edgar J. Kaufmann, Jr. Fellowship awarded to an historic preservation student with outstanding promise.

Kling Fellowship awarded to a deserving student in architecture.

Kling-Lindquist Scholarship in Architecture awarded to a student in the Department of Architecture.

A. Eugene, William B. and Hanna S. Kohn Endowed Fellowship awarded to a student in the Department of Architecture.

Berton E. Korman Fellowship provides fellowships to deserving School of Design students.

Laise Fine Arts Scholarship established in 1949 for students studying art or painting.

Landscape Architecture Fellowship provides fellowships to students in the Department of Landscape Architecture.

Walter R. Leach III Memorial Fellowship in memory of Walter R. Leach III AR'67, for an architecture student, recognizing creative talent such as Walter Leach possessed and nurtured so generously in others, and also commitment and dedication in the pursuit of excellence.

Thomas C. Lehman Memorial Fellowship provides fellowships in memory of Thomas C. Lehman, Class of '49 to a student in the Department of Architecture.

Christopher Leland Lyon Memorial Prize supports an annual prize in the School of Design for an MFA student in memory of Christopher Leland Lyon MFA'99.

John W. MacGuire Fellowship provides fellowships to students in the Department of Architecture.

Ellen L. Matlock Graduate Fellowship established in 1950, provides fellowships to a graduate student in architecture for study at the School.

Ian McHarg Fund provides scholarships to students in the Department of Landscape Architecture.

Will Morris Mehlhorn Fellowships awarded to deserving students in the Department of Architecture.

Irving Miller Memorial Fund provides scholarships to students in Architecture in memory of Irving Miller AR '22.

Myerberg Fellowship for Excellence in Architecture provides fellowships on the basis of financial need and exceptional academic ability.

Edgar A. Newberry Fellowship provides support for architecture students working toward their professional degree, through a gift from the estate of Marie J. Newberry, widow of Edgar A. Newberry, AR'10. Newberry was a practicing architect before becoming increasingly involved in the corporate management of the J.J. Newberry Co., a chain of variety and department stores.

David and Florence Newman Scholarship provides fellowships to deserving School of Design students.

G. Howard Perkins Memorial Fellowship established in 1955, is awarded annually for graduate study in architecture, landscape architecture, or city and regional planning.

Pittman Family Scholarships awarded to deserving candidates across the disciplines in the School of Design. This scholarship was established in 2003 by Robert W. Pittman and Veronique Choa Pittman.

Porreca Memorial Scholarship provides fellowships in architecture.

William Cresson Prichett Memorial Scholarship established in 1969 by a bequest of Marion Reid Dudle, for the study of architecture.

Donald Prowler Memorial Prize, supports an annual prize in memory of Donald Prowler, MArch‘75, a member of the faculty in the Department of Architecture for many years. The prize is awarded as a scholarship to graduate students whose work advances the design of sustainable architecture.

Mario J. Romanach Memorial Fellowship established in 1984 as a memorial to one of the University of Pennsylvania's most beloved teachers. The award goes each year to a student who shows special merit and promise and who pursues design work with excellence and devotion.

**Albert F. Schenk Memorial Scholarship in architecture established in 1949, is awarded for travel abroad on the basis of a competition.

Bonnie and Gary Sellers Fellowship provides matching funds up to a maximum of $15,000 per year for a Penn Design student (or students) who is a recipient of the WX Scholarship, as awarded through New York Women Executives in Real Estate.

Lawrence Shprintz Fine Arts Prize awarded annually to an undergraduate Fine Arts major and a Master of Fine Art student.

**John Stewardson Memorial Scholarship in Architecture for study abroad, awarded on the basis of a competition. Candidates must be architectural students or practitioners under thirty years of age and residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Thomas S. Stewart Scholarship Fund, established in 1901, provides a scholarship in architecture.

T-Square Club Fellowship established in 1984, provides fellowship to second-year architecture student on the basis of need and merit. Among the patrons and members of the T-Square Club atelier were Penn professors Paul Philippe Cret, Walter P. Laird, John Harbeson, Jean Hebrand, and Norman Rice.

*Van Alen Traveling Fellowship awarded to one landscape architecture and one architecture student, in the second year of their programs, for summer travel abroad.

John and Beatrice Wesley Memorial Prize established in memory of Richard Wesley's grandparents. Awarded annually to senior undergraduate major in architecture for excellence in architecture design.

Eleanore T. Widenmeyer Prize in Landscape and Urbanism established in 2004 through a bequest by Eleanore T. Widenmeyer LAR'40 GED'58, in memory of her parents, Arthur E. Sr., and Lena R. Widenmeyer.

Elizabeth Greene-Wiley Fellowship awarded to an historic preservation student focusing on urban preservation.

**Henry Gillette Woodman Traveling Scholarship founded in 1918 by the bequest of George B. Woodman.

Michael Yaron Prize in Architecture, annual prize awarded to an undergraduate major in architecture whose academic work has demonstrated a commitment to improving the quality of life in the City of Philadelphia.