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Last modified: 08.14.08

Panorama 2008

Panorama 2008 Issue

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors


Image Citations

Penn Connects: Sustainability on East Campus
John Reinhardt

Kibera Soweto East: A Case Study in Slum Upgrading
Kiebera Soweto East Introduction
Michelle Mulcahy and Ming-Ru Chu

Blasted Mountaintops
Meghan Weir

Greenways: The Cents Behind Going Green
Emily Oaksford

Economic Implications of Inclusionary Zoning
David McCarthy

Sustainable Philadelphia
Andrew Reback

Baltimore Urbanism
Katie 0'Meara

Baltimore Barriers

Nicolas Pevzner

Gulfport: Post-Katrina Form-Based Code
Stephanie Nelson

Mega Regions and the Revisioning of America
Jason Lally

Is Philadelphia's Drinking Water Safe?
John C. Wiener

Grupo Motivos: Toward An Urban Oasis
Paul Aylesworth

Plan Puebla Panama
Dan Moscovici and Craig Wenger

Preserving the Birth Place of Hip Hop
David Gest


Panorama 2007 Issue

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors


Image Citations

"Sustainability for L.A.: A Regional Perspective" by Justus Stewart (MCP 07)

"Clean Coal? Not so Fast" by Caitlin Bowler (MCP 08)

"Smart Decline" by Christina Lindsey (MCP 08)

"Ed Bacon: Shaping Philadelphia" by Sarah Lynch (MCP 08)

"Main Streets: An Evaluation" by Imogen Wirth-Granlund (MCP 08, MSHP 08)

"Regional Urbanisms: Comparative Analyses"

"Chester Avenue: 'Main Street' Revitalization Plan"

"Stadium as Catalyst? Think Again" by David Gest (MCP 08, JD 10)

"Keeping Human Capital in Town: Boston's Retention Initiatives" by Beth Falkof (MCP 07)

"Planning Across Borders: The Buffalo Niagara Region" by Lindsay Duerr (MCP 07)

"European Regionalism: A Planning Paradigm 50 Years in the Making" by Adam Davidson (MCP 08)

"Aesthetic Revolution: An Evolution" by Shekoofah Khedhri (MCP 07)

"Denise Scott Brown: Fusing Planning and Architecture" by Jessica Schmidt (MCP 08)


Panorama 2006 Issue

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

"Cultural Landscapes: Observed in the Forgotten Bottom, Explored in Prints" by Mindy Watts (MCP 06)

"Historic Preservation: Gloria Dei as a Cultural Landscape of an Urban Oasis" by Allison Crnic (MCP 06)

"Cultural Regeneration: Policy Development, Place Definition, and the Iconography of Heritage in London's South Bank" by Julie Donofrio (MCP/MSHP 07)

"Regional Development: Evolution of the Peripherique from Medieval Wall to Modern Highway" by Celeste Layne (MCP 07)

"Tiffany Glass, Tents, and the Tabernacle: Methodist Planning and Design in the Grove" by Edward Davis (MCP 07)

"Defense Planning: How the United States Adjusted from the Cold War to the Post 9/11 Era" by Andrea Wong (MCP 07)

"Urban Design: Dongguk University Campus Master Plan" by Yang Chen, Olga Drobinina, Brad Johnson, Yu-Ju Kao, Paul Kelterborn, Sung Joon Kim, Woo Kim, Linda Montanile, Veronica Polo, Sanghun Rim, Maria Solovieva, and Grace Wu

"Philadelphia on Bike: A Photo Journal" by Veronica Polo (MCP 06), Michael Smart (MCP 06), contributor

"Economic Development: Searching for Purpose with the New Markets Tax Credit" by Nolan Lienhart (MCP 06)

"HOPE VI and New Urbanism: Is there Hope for America's Public Housing?" by Jennifer Driver (MCP 07)

"One if by Sea, Two if by Land: Shipping Container Architecture for the New Millenium" by David Godfrey (MCP 07)

"Transportation Innovations: Methods of Self-Assessment for Car Sharing Organizations" by Michael Smart (MCP 06)

"Traffic Congestion: Applicability of Car-use Reduction Methods for Large Chinese Cities" by Yang Chen (MCP 06)

"Transit Development: How Boston's Streetcars are Vehicles for the Region's Growth" Joshu Shih (MCP 07)


The following issues are only available in hard copy. Please contact Kate Daniel at

Panorama 2005 Issue

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

"Cultural and History: Heritage Trails Can Reconnect the Urban Landscape" by Beth Silverman (MCP 05)

"Economic Development: Sports Facilities in Downtown Revitalization" by Nicole Clare (MCP 06)

"Urban Policy: The Politics of Public Housing in Interwar Vienna" by Kathy Quillinan (MCP 06)

"Regional Planning: Providence's Multi-Faceted Approach to Placemaking" by Amy Pettine (MCP 05)

"Rural Revitalization: Can Wind Energy Breathe New Life into the Midwest?" by Jessica Trump (MCP 05)

"Historic Preservation: The Cuban Time Capsule Nears Its End" by Jerryanne Health (MCP 05)

"Urban Design: Imagining a New Grand Central Square for Caracas" by PennDesign Team (MCP/MLA)

"Design Theory: The Power of Planning Buildings in Ensemble" by Graham Stroh (MCP 05)

"New Urbanism: How South Carolina's I'On Village Oovercame the Oodds" by Martine Combal (MCP 05)

"Land-Use Planning: The Paradox of Colonial Williamsburg's Popularity" by Elizabeth Burling (MCP/MSHP 05)

"Environmental Justice: Why Minority Communities Lost the Legal Battle" by Chris Flood (MCP 05)

"Transit Development: Origin and Impacts of the Paris and Moscow Metros" by Len Usvyat (MCP 06)

"Transportation Planning: The Real Route for Bus Semi-Rapid Transit" by Colin Foley (MCP 05)



Panorama 2004 Issue

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

"From Glen to Glass: Urban Renewal in Hartford" by Emily Moos (MCP 05)

"End of a Gentlemen's Agreement: Liberating Philadelphia's Skyline" by Sebastian Snyder (MCP 05)

"In Service of the Plan: Urban Planning Under Stalin" by Jonathan Stanley (MCP 05)

"Reunification of Paradise and Utopia: Planning Potsdamer Platz" by David Kooris (MCP 05)

"Olympic Achievement: Impact of the '92 Games on Barcelona" by Jaime Seweryn (MCP 05)

"Revitalizating the Urban Waterfront: Baltimore's Inner Harbor" by Cate Brandt (MCP 05)

"Penn Planners in the Community"

"Building a Better Boston: The Big Dig" by Sophia Fisher (MCP 05)

"Habitat Conservation Plans: Plum Creek's Innovative Solutions" (MCP 04)

"Tool of the Trade: BIDs and Downtown Revitalization" by Anthony Sorrentino (MCP 05)

"The New Urbanist Frontier: Redesigning Orlando" by Andrew Nothstine (MCP 05)

"Large-Scale Redevelopment: Portland's South Waterfront District" by Tyler Pollesch (MCP 05)

"Attainable or Exclusive? Affordability of New Urbanism" by Matthew Edmond (MCP 04)

"Problems that are Important, Problems we can Solve" by Paul Farmer, AICP


Panorama 2003 Issue

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

"Nafta, Maquiladoras, and Migration" by Brian English (MCP 03)

"Two Cities, One Waterfront" by Peter Brown (PhD Candidate)

"Life Takes Place on Foot" by Suzanne Farmer (MCP 04)

"Defining the Public Interest in the Context of Liberal Planning Theories" by Angie Liou (MCP 04)

"Public Relations to Public Art" by Todd W. Bressi (Lecturer, Department of City and Regional Planning)

"The Emergence of a Plan for the World Trade Center Site" by Eugenie L. Birch (Chair, Department of City and Regional Planning)

"Community and Communal Memory in Post-Industrial Urban Development" by Christine Graziano (MCP 03)

"Scoring the Sierra" by Evangeline Thorp (MCP 04)

"Reinventing the Prospekt" by Eric McAfee (MCP 04)

"The Residential Community Association" by Hannah Scardina (MCP 04)

"Urban Issues on the Large Scale" by Youngcheul Lim (MCP 04)

"Feature: Newburgh Revealed" by Neil Desai (MCP 04)

"Feature: Women in Design" by Allyson Bristor (MCP 03)



Panorama 2002 Issue

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

"Redeveloping for Tourists: The Port Royal Redevelopment Project" by Ciaron Walker (MCP 2002)

"Dublin Comes of Age: Envisioning a European Metropolis at the Turn-of-the-Century in the Work of James Joyce and the Plan of Patrick Abercrombie" by Christine Graziano (MCP 03)

"Values and Design of Public Space in New Urbanist Communites: Comparing Reston and the Kentlands" by Michele Barbieri (MCP 02)

"Creating New Urbanist Communities" by Adam Krom (MCP 03)

"Cape May and Wildwood: Preservation and Revitalization Down the New Jersey Shore" by Cara Griffiths (MCP 02)

"Funding the Fairmount Park System: Maintaining a Major Urban Amenity" by Todd Baylson (MCP 03)

"A Legal Look at Aesthetic Regulations" by Jonathon Williams (MCP 03)



Panorama 2001 Issue

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

"Narrative and Other Tools" by Seymour Mandelbaum

"Ground Wars: Report From the Bay Area" by Anthony Smith

"A Decision-making Process for Food Market Locations in Philadelphia" by Georgia Pozoukidou

"Traditional Islamic Town Planning and City Form" by Rob Lamb

"Building 'Common Ground' in Baltimore" by Kristin Szwajkowski

"A Photographic Essay: Fall 2000 Taiwan Studio" by Gary Hack and Melissa Saunders

"Allegheny West, Second-year Studio" by Jennifer Rodriguez

"Education Reform - A Spatial and Community Perspective" by Heather Lueben and Jennifer Leonard

"Competing Visions on Quality of Life" by Laura Lanza

"A Geography of the Internet" by Gwangya Han

"Cerda, The Founder of a New Discipline: Urbanization" by Melissa Saunders

"Book Review: Planning for a New Century: The Regional Agenda" (Jonathan Barnett, editor), by A.R. Tomazinis




Panorama 2000 Issue

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

Editor's Note

"What's Wrong with the Park?" by Ben Johnson

"Is it Time for a New Attraction?" by Reyes Barboza

"Revitalization of Southwest Washington, DC: Test Case for the Nation" by Jennifer Leonard

"Environmental Lyricism: New Graffiti Perspectives" by Brian West

"Culture as a Region" by Deepta Sateesh

"Planning Singapore for the 21st Century" by Yang Liang Chua



Panorama 1999 Issue

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

"A Turn Towards the Beautiful: New Urbanism in Spokane County, Washington" by David Wang and Melissa Ahern

"John Nolen's Planned Communities and their Relation to Neotraditional Town Planning" by David Collins

"TOD-A Solution for the Land-Use and Transportation Quagmire" by Meade Berman

"Making New Land: A Planner's Observation on Reclamation in Hong Kong" by William Cohen

"Measuring Impacts with Raster GIS (The case study of Bogota, Columbia" by Dimitris Poulakidas


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