2011 Architecture Awards

Mon. 16 May

PennDesign announces the winners of the 2011 awards for architecture.


American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Medal
The first prize medal is awarded to the top-ranking student in the professional degree program with the highest record in all courses.

First Prize: Nathaniel Forbes Race Rogers

The second prize is awarded to the student in the professional program with the second highest record in all courses.

Second Prize: Michael Jeffrey Gloudeman

Arthur Spayd Brooke Memorial Prize

Established in 1900 in memory of Arthur Spayd Brooke, a graduate of the School of Architecture, and awarded to graduating architecture students for distinguished work in architectural design. Former winners include Julian Abele, Louis I. Kahn, and Jenny Sabin.

Gold Medal: Valmik Vyas
Silver Medal: Michael Francis Golden
Bronze Medal: Dane Richard Zeiler

Paul Philippe Cret Medal
Founded by the Architectural Alumni Society in 1946, awarded to the graduating student who has consistently demonstrated excellence in design in the Master in Architecture professional degree program.

Awarded to: Tiffany Linda Li

Harry E. Parker Prize

Awarded to the student who has an outstanding record in architectural construction.

Awarded to: Betty Louise Prime

Alpha Rho Chi Medal

Awarded to a graduating architecture student for leadership, willing service, and promise of professional merit.

Awarded to: Bradley Andrew Schnell

Warren Powers Laird Award

Named for Warren Powers Laird (1861-1948), the first Dean of the School of Fine Arts (now PennDesign). Awarded to a student with the highest standing in all courses in the first year of the professional
degree program in architecture.

Awarded to: Erin C. Saven

Charles Merrick Gay Scholarship

Awarded to the student who has shown outstanding ability in architectural construction and a realization of its relationship to design.

Awarded to: Allison W. Weiler

Frank Miles Day Memorial Prize

Named for Towne School graduate and architect of Penn's Houston Hall, University Museum, Weightman Hall, and Franklin Field. Awarded to the architecture student submitting the best essay in courses in the
history and theory of architecture.

Awarded to: Nathaniel T. Schlundt

Harlan Coornvelt Memorial Medal

Established in 1975 in memory of Harlan Coornvelt, who served as an Associate Professor of Architecture at the School of Design from 1968 until his death in 1973. Awarded to the student who achieved the most
outstanding record in required architectural structure courses.

Awarded to: Wy-Men Loh

Mario J. Romanach Fellowship

Established in 1984 in memory of one of Penn's most beloved teachers, the fellowship is awarded to a student entering the final year in the professional degree program, for demonstrated excellence in design, a
love for architecture, and the determination to develop as an architect. Mario J. Romanach served as Professor of Architecture from 1962 until his death in March 1984. He was Chairman of the Department of Architecture from 1971 to 1974.

Awarded to: Fei Chen

James Smyth Warner Memorial Prize

Awarded to the second year student with the highest record in required studio courses. Established in 1938 by Professor George Walter Dawson for a student in Architecture; prize to be used for expenses for a trip to see and study American architecture.

Awarded to: Shulei Weng

Faculty Prize

Awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional growth and development.

Awarded to: Maria Federica von Euw

Walter R. Leach II Fellowship

Established in memory of Walter R. Leach II, M.Arch '67, this fellowship is awarded on the basis of academic merit to students entering the third year.
Awarded to: Amanda M. Morgan

T-Square Club Fellowship
Established in 1984 and awarded annually for excellence in design to a student who has just completed the first year. Among the patrons and members of the T-Square Atelier were Penn professors Paul Philippe Cret, Walter P. Laird, John Harbeson, Jean Hebrand and Norman Rice.

Awarded to: Brett Dong Ha Lee

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Van Alen Traveling Fellowship

Awarded to one Architecture student and one Landscape Architecture student who are in the second year of their programs, for summer travel to Europe.

Architecture Fellowship Awarded to: Leslie S. Cacciapaglia

Will M. Mehlhorn Scholarship
Established in 1989 through a bequest by Will M. Mehlhorn, BFA ‘30, former architectural editor of House and Garden. Awarded to the students who have done the best work in the theory sequence.

Master of Architecture Professional Degree First -Year Students
First Prize: Andrew K. McBride
Second Prizes: Brett Dong Ha Lee
Third Prize: Dunja Simunovic
Fourth Prize: Sara Sadeghi
Fifth Prize: Wy-Men Loh

M.S. Architecture
First Prize: Anthony Caicco
First Prize: Bonnie C. Kirn

Ph.D. Architecture
First Prize: Eric D. Bellin
Second Prize: Ariel Genadt

The Donald Prowler Memorial Prize

Established in 2002, the Donald Prowler Memorial Prize is awarded annually in memory of Donald Prowler, MArch'75, a dedicated teacher of environmental architecture at PennDesign. Awarded to the student with an outstanding record in required environmental courses and a desire to further sustainable architecture.

Awarded to: Andres H. Blohm

The following awards were made during the Department of Architecture's annual competition week held at the beginning of the Spring 2011 Semester:

Albert F. Schenck- Henry Gillette Woodman Scholarship

Awarded to students in the first year of the professional degree program on the basis of a competition.
First Prize: John N. Johnston
First Prize: Le Tang
Second Prize: Paul Chan
Third Prize: Andreas Kostopoulis
Third Prize: Nicole L. Reamey
Honorable Mention: Margo Angelopoulos
Honorable Mention: Catherine Guentert
Honorable Mention: Erin C. Saven
Honorable Mention: Melanie S. Silver

E. Lewis Dales Traveling Fellowships

Established under the will of E. Lewis Dales in 1963 for travel abroad during the summer prior to a student's final year as a candidate for the first professional degree in architecture.

Awarded to:
Nga Ting Chan
Fei Chen
Uhn Choi
Jessica N. Condor
Patrick J. Corrigan
Eric K. Craig
Elizabeth A. Hobart
James F. Hower
Jason P. Jackson
Dongyul Kim
Ihnil Kim
Young Bum Kim
Gregory D. Knobloch
Alexander J. Knowles
Qiyao Li
Evan M. Litvin
Hanxiao Liu
Michelle S. Ma
Christopher K. McAdams
Natali Medina
Amanda M. Morgan
Mark T. Nicol
Lea B. Oxenhandler
Bowen Qiu
Kathryn M. Rufe
Sudipto Sengupta
Jinsuk Seo
David Tao
James Tenyenhuis
Andreas A. Tjeldflat
Jennifer R. Tobias
Sarah Wan
Allison W. Weiler
Shulei Weng
Ying Xu
Hung Kit Yuen

The 2011 John Stewardson Memorial Scholarship in Architecture

The John Stewardson Memorial Scholarship in Architecture, established in 1897, is a statewide competition among the five schools of architecture in Pennsylvania for a traveling fellowship after graduation.

First Prize: Michael Jeffrey Gloudeman

2011 PennDesign John Stewardson Memorial Competition

Winners of the department's internal qualifying competition are entered in the statewide competition.

First Place: Michael Jeffrey Gloudeman
Second Place: Tiffany L. Li
Honorable Mention: Qian Liu