PennDesign Landscape Architecture wins the 2010 Barcelona Biennial for Best Program in Landscape Architecture

Tue. 5 October

The Department of Landscape Architecture is very pleased to announce that our program has won the 2010 award for Best Program in Landscape Architecture at the Sixth European Biennial of Landscape Architecture.

82 schools participated in total with PennDesign ranking as the unanimous first choice of a seven-person international jury. Professor and Department Chair, James Corner was in Barcelona to participate in the 6th European Biennial of Landscape Architecture (Sep 30-Oct 2) and accepted the award on behalf of the Department at the presentation ceremony on Friday, October 1st. We would like to thank everyone who submitted work for this competition.

The Department would also like to thank Emily Vogler and Aroussiak Gabrielian who assisted Associate Professor Anuradha Mathur in developing this exhibition of fifteen projects to represent our curriculum, to Valerio Morabito (visiting faculty from Italy) who facilitated our participation, and to Claudia Taborda (visiting faculty from Lisbon) for her advice along the way.

The following students’ projects were exhibited at the 6th European Biennial of Landscape Architecture. Congratulations to all!

Alison Hirsch and Jack Ohly
LARP 501 – Traversing Landscape: The Schuylkill River Trail – Dilip da Cunha and Anuradha Mathur

Andrew McConnico

LARP 502 – Groundwork – A Park for Tacony, PA – Karen M’Closkey

Emily Vogler
LARP 601 – Pittsburgh: Urban Transformation and the Making of Communities – Lucinda Sanders

Francisco Allard
LARP 602 – Network Dynamics: Recalibrating Infrastructure in a Desert Metropolis

Aron Cohen
LARP 602 – Slavonice, Czech Republic – Laurie Olin

Jisu Choi
LARP 701 – Parco Della Piana, Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Italy – Valerio Morabito

Youngjoon Choi
LARP 701 – Nordhavn: Northern Harbor, Copenhagen, Denmark – James Corner

Biyoung Heo
LARP 701 – Lisbon {Hi}story, City Reality, Design Visions – Claudia Taborda

Joseph Kubik
LARP 701 – Signs of Life, Resurfacing the Strip, Las Vegas – Karen M’Closkey

Lily Trinh
LARP 701 – Viladecans, Barcelona – James Corner

Marisa Bernstein and Nicolas Koff
LARP 702 – Choroni, Venezuela – David Gouverneur

Amy Magida
LARP 702 – Megastructural Landscapes: Tokyo Bay Revisited, Japan – Nanako Umemoto

Bungyu Choi and Jiyoung Nam
LARP 702 – Mumbai City National Park, India – Anuradha Mathur

Sanjukta Sen
LARP 702 – Neighborhood + Fitness + Park, West Philadelphia

Yitian Wang
LARP 702 – ( ) The Space Between – Toronto, Canada – Mark Thomann