The mission of PennPraxis is to extend design excellence and innovation beyond the classroom
and into the community.

PennPraxis pursues this mission by:

  • Enhancing the academic experience of faculty and students through engagement in practice;
  • Demonstrating the contributions of architecture, landscape architecture, city and urban planning, historic preservation and fine arts in addressing social and community issues;
  • Extending the mission of PennDesign; and
  • Improving the greater public good through positive impact on the quality of life.

The business of PennPraxis is to:

  • Help faculty find practice opportunities that match their interests and that provide real world opportunities to work with students for clients on design challenges

PennPraxis operates at the intersection of expertise and opportunity to serve:

  • The faculty and students of PennDesign;
  • Our clients; and
  • The broader community.

Faculty and students undertake projects that:

  • Demonstrate inter-school and cross-disciplinary approaches to design challenges;
  • Have the potential for significant impact;
  • Advance new design concepts;
  • Explore and test new forms of design practices;
  • Exemplify the competencies that design professionals will need in the future; and
  • Incorporate innovative thinking.