Erick Guerra

Assistant Professor
City & Regional Planning


Office hours are by appointment (email scheduling preferred) and during regularly scheduled times:


B.A., University of Pennsylvania
Master of Urban Planning, Harvard University
Ph.D., City and Regional Planning, University of California Berkeley


Erick Guerra's research focuses on the relationship between transportation, land use, and urban development in emerging and industrialized cities. He has published several recent articles on the economic performance of US urban rail systems and the role of land use-particularly dense concentrations of jobs and people---in promoting high ridership and cost-effective service (Cervero & Guerra, 2011; Guerra, Cervero, & Tischler, 2012; Guerra & Cervero, 2011; Guerra, 2011). His dissertation investigates the dynamic interaction between suburban land use and transportation systems in the Mexico City metropolitan area. In addition to continuing work from his dissertation, Erick has several ongoing research projects on the effects of rail investment on bus ridership and fares in the US, transit dependency and mode choice, mode choice and self-reported measures of happiness, and multimodality and one-car households in Mexico City.

As a practicing researcher and consultant, Erick has worked on a diverse range of planning-related topics, including housing investment and financial remittances in Sub-Saharan Africa, urban form and successful transit investments in the US, informal transportation in medium-sized Indonesian cities, and cross-border planning on the Island of Ireland. He is currently involved with a land-use scenario planning project in Mexico City and a study of informal transportation in a poor, informal neighborhood on the Ciliwung River in Jakarta. Erick served as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English for two years at a public high school in Gabon.


Guerra, E. (2013). The New Suburbs: Evolving travel behavior, the built environment, and subway investments in Mexico City. University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

Guerra, E., Cervero, R., & Tischler, D. (2012). Half-Mile Circle: Does It Best Represent Transit Station Catchments? Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2276(1), 101-109.

Cervero, R., & Guerra, E. (2011). To T or Not to T: A Ballpark Assessment of the Costs and Benefits of Urban Rail Transportation. Public Works Management & Policy, 16(2), 111-128.

Guerra, E. (2011). Valuing Rail Transit: Comparing Capital and Operating Costs to Consumer Benefits. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2219, 50-58.

Guerra, E., & Cervero, R. (2011). Cost of a Ride: The Effects of Densities on Fixed-Guideway Transit Ridership and Costs. Journal of the American Planning Association, 77(3), 267-290.

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Erick teaches courses in transportation and land use planning and policy, as well as planning and research methods. This fall, he is teaching Quantitative Planning Analysis Methods (CPLN 501) and Introduction to Transportation Planning (CPLN 550).