David Hsu

Assistant Professor
City & Regional Planning


Professor Hsu is on leave this academic year (13-14)


B.S., Yale University
M.S., Cornell University
MSc, London School of Economics
Ph.D., University of Washington

Professor Hsu studies how environmental policy is implemented in cities through systems of infrastructure, buildings, behavior, institutions, and finance.

Topics of particular interest include energy and water, green buildings and building codes, consumer behavior, and data analysis.

Prior to academia, Professor Hsu worked in city government in New York and Seattle on urban redevelopment, energy conservation, and smart grid initiatives; as a financial analyst for real estate equities; and as a structural engineer in London on green buildings and bridges.


Professor Hsu's current research develops predictive models for water and energy demand, and analyzes how to link conservation outcomes to the implementation of specific policies in complex environments. Current working papers focus on classical and Bayesian statistical models for water demand; causal analysis of a specific water pricing policy change in Seattle; new federal government regulations for stormwater management; data analysis of building disclosure policies; and infrastructure finance in developing countries


Professor Hsu teaches Quantitative Planning Analysis, Infrastructure Planning & Finance, and Sustainable Cities.