Anthony Tomazinis

Professor Emeritus of City and Regional Planning
City & Regional Planning


B.C.E., National Technical University, Greece
M.C.P., Georgia Institute of Technology
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Professor Tomazinis teaches courses in transportation, infrastructure and international planning.

Professor Tomazinis ran the University of Pennsylvania TRANSLAB (Transportation Planning Studies Laboratory)for more than two decades.

Professor Tomazinis has practiced extensively in the United States and abroad. Between 1991 and 1993, he served as the chairman of a task force appointed by the Pennsylvania Joint Commission for Efficiency of State Government Services to investigate and report on increasing efficiency and privatization in state government operations. During the Carter administration, he was an advisor to the Office of Urban Affairs and a member of the Camp David Technical Mission on Energy to Egypt immediately following the Camp David accords.

Professor Tomazinis received a United Nations appointment to advise the Beijing Design Planning Institute on transportation planning. He designed Athens and Lisbon airports and transportation systems in Islamabad, Pakistan and Skopje, Yugoslavia. Dr. Tomazinis has also advised the governments of Iran, India, and Taiwan on transportation and development issues.

In May 1999, Professor Tomazinis received the University of Pennsylvania's G. Holmes Perkins Award for Distinguished Teaching.


Dr. Tomazinis is currently involved in the design and building of Technopolis, a model city of science to be located in Thrace, Greece.


He is the author of two books, Productivity, Efficiency and Quality in Urban Transportation Systems and Efficiency Indicators of Urban Public Transportation Systems.