Student Handbooks

Most University policies, procedures, and University resources can be found in the PennBook.

PennDesign Student Handbook (PDF)
The School of Design Student Handbook outlines program requirements, academic policies, student's rights and responsibilities, and other important and valuable information key to a successful experience while at PennDesign. All students are expected to adhere to the policies outlined in this handbook.  This handbook is a PDF document, if you are unable to access this document and need to see the content, please contact the Office of Student Services, 110 Meyerson Hall,

Academic Integrity at the University of Pennsylvania:  A Guide for Students
This website outlines important information about correctly acknowledging your sources when you write a report, research paper, critical essay, or position paper. It also provides guidelines for collaboration on assignments.


PhD Dissertation Resources
This webpage includes resources, such as the Dissertation Manual, for PhD students who are in the dissertation portion of their PhD program.