TC Chan Center

The mission of the T.C. Chan Center for Building and Energy Studies is to develop new knowledge, tools, processes, techniques and continuing education for professionals involved in building simulation and technology. The goal is to create healthier, productive, energy efficient strategies that will lead to high performance buildings and sustainable environments. The Center engages in the creation (research), application (consulting) and dissemination (communication) of knowledge.

The TC Chan Center is a faculty research and consulting unit located in the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania, a leading research institution. Faculty from multiple disciplines work at multiple scales to advance  understanding of the complex technical, economic, social, and political arrangements with which sustainability can be achieved. From the detailed simulation of building performance to the management of large populations of buildings, research teams develop new techniques and assist clients.

Contact Information

T.C. Chan Center for Building Simulation and Energy Studies
University of Pennsylvania
401 Fisher Fine Arts Building
220 South 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: +1.215.746.0061
Fax: +1.215.746.5599