IT Services

In the School of Design, there are three main accounts you will need to access resources on both our network and the University of Pennsylvania network, including:

  • PennDesign account
  • PennO365 email account
  • PennKey account

See below for details and requirements for each account.

PennDesign Account

Anyone enrolled with a Design course or employed at PennDesign will receive a Design account. Your Design account will give you access to lab computers in PennDesign-managed buildings (click here for a map), as well as network services, FortiClient remote access, equipment reservations, and our printing services.

Notes regarding Design account:

  • Your Design password requires at least 12 alphanumeric characters, upper and lower case characters, and at least one symbol.
  • To reset your Design account password, you must first be enrolled in our Self-Service Password Reset system. If you haven't enrolled and are locked out, please contact PennDesign ITS.
  • Five failed attempts at logging in with your Design account will temporarily lock your account for 15 minutes. This will automatically be unlocked after 15 minutes.
  • Your Design account is granted 3 gigabytes of space on our server. Exceeding this amount will also lock your account, now permanently, until you free up space and return under your 3GB quota. If you have questions regarding where data pushing you over the 3GB limit is stored, please contact PennDesign ITS.

PennO365 Email Account

Important Email information for Fall 2018 Expected Graduates - Fall 2018 expected graduates, your PennDesign email account will expire on April 15, 2019. Read More Here

Enrolled students, full time staff and faculty are eligible for a PennO365 email account. Details and set-up information for your O365 email can be found here.

PennKey Account

Your PennKey Account is the primary account that you will use at Penn.  It is used to access all Central Penn Systems.  Some of these systems include:

Forgot your PennKey password? Click here for more details on how to reset your password.

Password Management

You have three separate accounts (as mentioned above) each with their own password. The University of Pennsylvania suggests the safest way to manage your passwords is via a password vault application, as opposed to sticky notes or saved in your web browser.

Here are some quick tips on creating a secure password:

  • Don't use the same password for every login or application
  • Do not use part of your real name, date of birth, etc. as these can be used by sophisticated scammers to phish your account login. Read more on the dangers of phishing here.
  • While not all services require the same level of complexity for passwords, for a secure password we recommend: at least 12 alphanumeric characters, upper and lower case characters, and at least one symbol. Note: these are the password requirements for your PennDesign account.

The University offers a premium subscription for LastPass, a robust password management vault. Here's more on LastPass:

LastPass offers a secure vault for storage of your passwords, and other secure information, allowing users to create stronger, and more varied passwords for their various accounts, ultimately leading to a more secure environment.  Along with this vault comes a series of tools, including a random password generator, password auditing tools, and a password auto-change tool.  The Premium license offered to the Penn community also allows for LastPass to be set up on an unlimited number of devices (desktop or mobile), allows for sharing of passwords, and gives access to more security via multiple multifactor authentication models.