• The 2016-2017 Alumni Association Board at the annual fall retreat.

Greetings from the PennDesign Alumni Associate (PDAA)! Having watched another class of talented and creative design professionals graduate PennDesign this Spring, one is reminded that just as we set free those individuals to make their mark on our cities, landscapes, and culture, so do we open our arms to invite them into the global community of PennDesign Alumni that underlay the diverse, collaborative and enduring spirit of the school. 
The PennDesign Alumni Association is committed to its role as a resource to each of our 10,000+ members. Through communication, leadership assistance, fundraising, and professional mentoring opportunities, the PDAA's aim is always to support and strengthen the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, the opportunities for its students, and the engagement of the alumni community.
With chapters in the US and around the world, local events, and an increasing social media presence, there has never been a better time to get engaged in the PennDesign Community! On behalf of the entire PDAA Board we welcome your continued support of PennDesign, look forward to seeing you at upcoming events, and would love to hear from you in the upcoming year! 

Stuart Mardeusz, AIA, LEED AP
PDAA President (2016-2017)

PennDesign Alumni Association 2017-2018 Board of Directors

Stuart MardeuszC’90, M.Arch’95, President
Abdallah TabetMLA’07, Vice-President
Rick Collier, MRP'77, Treasurer
Julie L. Scott, RA, M.Arch’97, Secretary

Donna Andrews, GFA'01
Charlette Caldwell, MSHP'16

Mary Carroll-Coelho, MArch’13
Dorothy Daly, AICPMLA’98
Jason Danielson, M.Arch’97
Martine DeCamp, MCP'03
Todd Drake, M.Arch’94
Jennifer Hagan, MCP’01
Erika Johnson, MCP'03
Bob Kaufman, C’76, MCP’77
Taylor Knoche, GFA'14, GAR'16, GFA'16
Ryan Lohbauer, M.Arch’07
Suzanne Mahoney, MCP’15, MLA’15
Jill Sablosky, MFA'79

About the PDAA

The PennDesign Alumni Association (PDAA) is here to be a professional, creative, and social resource to each of our 10,000 members. The PDAA aims to support and strengthen the University of Pennsylvania School of Design by increasing communication amongst graduates from all departments and their friends, by offering counsel to its leadership, by assisting with fundraising on its behalf, and by connecting alumni from its various departments with the professional disciplines which its graduates profess.

In the professional realm, alumni can continue to experience the great opportunity of PennDesign’s outstanding resources. Having recently started new regional chapters in London, Los Angeles and Boston, we are connected on an international scale; just visit our LinkedIn page to discover peers and future colleagues from all over the world. As our social media efforts grow, we urge you to participate as so many others have by joining our Facebook page and following us on Twitter and Vimeo.

To keep our connections strong, please keep us updated on your contact information and consider joining one of our regional chaptersRegional chapters offer many networking and professional development opportunities throughout the year. We hope to see you at a PDAA event soon!