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Canton Christian College Collection (126)

The collection comprises 3 original and 185 blueprints documenting the campus planning and design of individual structures for the Canton Christian College, Hong Lok, Canton (Guangzhou), China, 1909-14.  The College was founded by the American Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions in 1888 and was renamed Lingnan University in 1927. 

The bulk of the collection, dated 1909 - 1914, was produced by the New York based firm, Stoughton & Stoughton. The firm was established in 1894 by Charles W. Stoughton (1871 - 1945), born and educated in New York, and brother, Arthur A. Stoughton (1867 - 1955). The firm was commissioned to design the campus for the Christian College in Canton, China, beginning in 1905.

The collection also includes drawings by Archie Stewart Collins (1878 - 1917), who was the resident architect of the Canton Christian College. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he received his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1909. An obituary (publication unknown) indicates that his position at the Canton Christian College was obtained through Professor Warren Powers Laird.

There are a small number of drawings for minor structures by Purnell & Paget, although little is known about this firm. In addition, there is one drawing for the Primary School Cottage designed by C.K. Edmunds. It is believed that this individual is Charles K. Edmunds, who was president of the Canton Christian College from 1908 - 1924.

There are drawings in the collection for individual residences of faculty members at the college. These include designs for the houses of Dr.Cadbury, William Warder Cadbury (1877 - 1959), who received his M.D. from the University o Pennsylvania and was a professor at the University Medical School of Canton Christian College; Professor Chan, for whom the collection hold 3 original drawings for the design of his residence; Professor Chung, Chung Wing-Quong, who later became the president of the College from 1927 to 1937; and Professor Woods.

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