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  • Sketch elevation of Quadrangle

Cope and Stewardson

Masters of the Collegiate Gothic style, the firm of Cope and Stewardson are best known for their academic building and campus designs. Between 1886 and 1904 they made formative additions to the campuses of Bryn Mawr College the University of Pennsylvania, and Princeton University. In 1899, the partnership won an invitational competition to develop a new campus plan for Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. After preliminary planning by Olmsted, Cope and Stewardson added thirteen new campus buildings. 

Walter Cope (1860-1902)

After graduating from the Germantown Friends School, Cope began a year of European travel in 1884. His partnership with Stweardson began in 1885. Cope was a founding member of the T-Square Club (1883), Professor of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania (1892-02), Professor at the Pennnsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (1902), and was chairman of the committee on the restoration of Independence Hall (1896-1898).

John Stewardson (1858-1896)

Stewardson studied at Harvard in 1877, before continuing at the Atelier Pascal and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris from 1879-1882. After returning he apprenticed with Frank Furness and served as draughtsman with Cope in the office of Theophilus Parsons Chandler. After his accidentla death in 1896, his brother, Emlyn Lamar Stewardson, became a partner.

About the Collection

The Collection contains drawings of numerous University of Pennsylvania campus buildings including the Quadrangle Dormitories (1895), the Towne Building (1903-05), Bennett Hall (1910), the Veternary School (1906-11), and the Law School (1898-01). Among other Philadelphia area projects are the Harrison Office Building (1893), 919 Walnut Street (1905) and the Biddle, Chew, and MacVeagh residences.