Architectural Archives

Cope & Lippincott (fl. 1957-2006)

This collection contains architectural drawings, project and office records, and photographic material related to the work of architects and professional partners, Paul M. Cope, Jr. and H. Mather Lippincott. Projects with the most extensive holdings include the NYU Art Conservation Center, Friends Neighborhood Guild House (1961-1965), Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Friends Center Complex (1971-1979), and the Fred W. Noyes Foundation Museum (1979-1981). Collection includes original drawings and records for their early collaborations with architect Robert Venturi (b. 1925), including the James B. Duke House and Altschul House at NYU, Guild House, Foulkeways at Gwynedd, Fairhill Square, and residences for the Dunn and Hart families.  

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