Architectural Archives

Geddes Brecher Qualls Cunningham

A.I.A. Architectural Firm Award 1979; Sydney Opera House, 2nd Prize; Birmingham Civic Center, 1st Prize; Vienna South New Community, 1st Prize 1971 Robert L. Geddes (1923- ) M.Arch, Harvard, 1950; Dean at Princeton, 1965-82.

Melvin Brecher (b.1924)

B.Arch, Harvard, 1950.
Founding partner and president of the firm.

George Wyckoff Qualls (b.1923)

B.Arch, N.C. State, 1951; M.Arch, Harvard, 1952.

Warren William Cunningham (b.1922)

B.Arch, U. of Pennsylvania, 1949.

About the Collection

Gifts of the architects. The Archives holds drawings of thirty-seven projects, primarily renderings by George W. Qualls.