Graduate Architecture

Posted February 1, 2019

Student Magazine Babble Releases Inaugural Issue

The inaugural issue of Babble was published this month by graduate architecture students. Founded in 2017, the magazine provides a look at PennDesign’s diversified approach to architectural making, thinking, and practicing, by presenting a spectrum of student projects and essays paired with a series of impromptu “babbles” with critics, faculty, and practitioners. It is available for order online.

In this issue, students were prompted to submit a single project image with a statement on its meaning to them. The student editors also spoke with faculty and visiting critics “to establish formal conversations that would unpack the diverse fields of interests that make up our school’s pedagogical approach.”

The Babble team also recently organized an exhibition, On Models, at the Philomathean Society's Art Gallery in College Hall.

Team: Ryan Barnette, Keven Bloomfield, Mitchell Chisholm, Caitlin Dashiell, Caleb Ehly, Madison Green, Celia Y. Hao, Nikita Jathan, Ira Kapaj, Megan Khunakridatikarn, Ian Lai, Dani Lands, Andrew Matia, Paul McCoy, Kurt Nelson, Gary Polk, Peik Shelton, and Megan York