Graduate Architecture

  • 704 studio of Ali Rahim, Spring 2016. Student: Ryosuke Imaeda

  • 704 studio of Giancarlo Mazzanti, Spring 2016. Student: Mingyue Hu and Tong Niu

  • 701 studio of Jason Payne, Fall 2015. Student: Sameeha Joshi

  • 701 studio of Thom Mayne, Fall 2015. Students: Qi Tong, Ram Annamalai Thennaapan, and Stephen Christy

  • 704 studio of Marion Weiss, Spring 2016. Students: Guancheng Sun, Jinghao Wang, and Beidi Zahn

  • 704 studio of Tom Wiscombe, Spring 2016. Students: Dawoon Jung and Audrey Lin

Architecture Student Gallery

The Architecture Student Gallery collects the work of students produced in the design studios and many of the courses in the graduate program in Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. It provides an opportunity to explore the creative work of our students and is a permanent record of work in the Department. The work shown here is solely available for viewing and not for republishing or rebroadcasting in any form. If you wish to republish any of this work, please contact the Department office.

MEBD Student Gallery