Graduate Architecture

Nicole Bronola

Tufted Cubes, Andrew Saunders

Fall 2016

Through this gallery, I want to create a withdrawn moment, by elevating the space above the Russel Wright House, and guiding the visitors through a network of seams running through four closely stitched spaces. The lightness of the spaces guides individuals through shell-like composite enclosures of exhibitions. Each enclosure nested within the forest.

The spaces are the continuation of the semester's design process. The formation of each seam originates from the kaleidoscope aggregations of pavilion pieces, and underlying geometries of the Russel Wright objects. The seams create a language between the galleries, and the site allowing for different light conditions to illuminate the space. Light but structural, the use of composite material came from the exploration of shell casting techniques of resin and fabric during the pavilion project.  The composite further emphasizes the withdrawn quality of the gallery, as the semi translucent stitched volumes juxtapose the fragmented dragon-rock site.

As you approach the gallery, the seemingly bare facades do not inform about the densely stitched interior. Upon the entrance the seams reveal the space. The space separates you from the exterior of four galleries, yet keeps you engaged within the site.

More work form this studio can be seen in Pressing Matters VI.