Graduate Architecture

Yute Chiang and Michael Hua

Hyper-Hook, Benjamin Krone

Spring 2017

The focus on this project starts from looking at how this new generation of transportation will affect the urban scape and our lives. The intention of combining the high-efficiency hyperloop and the more flexible biking system is to address the contradiction between two transportation types. We are interested in the transition between systems with opposite features but sharing the common ground of environmental consciousness in terms of pollution and energy consumption. The idea was tested through a series of analogue models. They demonstrate similar interaction between systems based on the original concept with different materials and mechanisms, which gave us new perspectives on the mediation of distinct elements. The space quality and interaction feature are later translated into architecture consequences. The multiple layers of skin define the program hierarchy and frequency of use, and are reshaped by the circulation of both hyperloop and biking tracks. People on business travel are transferred from hyperloop to biking systems tied with existing riverfront trails. In turn, local residents can access commercial spaces in the transportation hub through biking tracks. The juxtaposition of different audience and means of transportation builds up a complex but vibrant system that reconstruct our cognition of time, space, and lifestyle. We are interested in the influence casted to the urban condition of Red Hook after more design details  are integrated into the project.

More work form this studio can be seen in Pressing Matters VI.