City and Regional Planning

PennPlanning's Urban Design Studio, The Public Realm, taught by Professor of Practice Evan Rose, participated in Park(ing) Day.  The studio split into two "spaces" with different designs. 

The PA Chapter of the APA announced this week that “Small Legacy Cities, Equity, and a Changing Economy” (a studio from Spring 2014) has been selected as the

PennPlanning won two of five awards presented at the 16th Biennial International Planning History Society Conference at St Augustine Florida. 

Panorama Cover

The Center for Architecture has awarded the PennPlanning publication, Panorama,  the 2014 Douglas Haskell Award for Student Journals.  "The jury was particularly impressed with the timeliness of the content included in the publication."

Suzanne Mahoney, dual degree MCP and LARP, wrote the following as part of her Career Services Summer Funding Grant:

app for that

As web-based devices proliferate, planners, designers, and GIS professionals are finding new ways to deliver content, and allow users to create and interact with geographic data.

Students in this course will learn how to plan, develop, and program planning and spatial applications for desktop and mobile device platforms using various web application development tools, including Flex, ArcGIS Server/SDE, Javascript, Eclipse and GoogleMaps and ESRI APIs.  The course wil