City and Regional Planning

Global Housing Studio

Spring 2014 Studio

Housing planners around the world are looking for new policy, design, and delivery models for social housing–loosely defined as subsidized housing for low-income households.  This multi-continent super-studio will look at the potential for rethinking and re-linking social housing policy, programs, and designs in Brazil (Sao Paulo: Professor Rose), China (Beijing: Professor Al), and Canada (Toronto: Mr. Micale).  The studio will start by investigating different and emerging social housing models from around the world; then develop typologies for adapting those models to different urban contexts;  and conclude with site planning and design work matching different design and program models to actual development sites in Sao Paulo, Bejing, and Toronto.


Evan Rose (1964-2015), Professor of Practice
Stefan Al, Former Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning
Nando Micale, Lecturer