City and Regional Planning

Growth Management and Design Principles for the Future of Lancaster County

2012 Studio

The purpose of this studio was the creation of a Model Zoning Code for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania that incorporates environmental criteria and performance standards to help shape a more suitable and sustainable development pattern.  An integral component of the studio was a proposed phased Bus Rapid Transit system based around defined areas appropriate for dense, mixed-use development opportunities.   Several of these sites are showcased by individual design plans that illustrate the application of the Code.   As a means to determine suitability criteria and allocation methodologies for the zone described in the Code, the Studio used two distinct GIS approaches:  sequential and heuristic.   The final GIS outputs locate parcels most suitable to the zones defined in the Code.   Overall, the objective of the Studio was to demonstrate the benefits of integrating urban dsign, land use planning, and geographical information systems analysis in the context of regional planning efforts.