City and Regional Planning

Panorama 2016

From the editors:

PANORAMA is a student-run journal that is meant to capture a snapshot of Penn's student work. This year, PANORAMA's mission has shifted from reflecting the viewpoints of only City and Regional Planning students to those of any student interested in urbanism, community building, history, theory, and practice of planning and design, as well as climate and disaster resiliency, et cetera, et cetera.

This year's editors, different from years' past, felt this is a necessary step given the continuous redefinition of what it means to be a planner and what it means to plan in 2016, and Penn's students have responded valiantly.  Seeing an opportunity to expand their own horizons, students in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Public Administration, as well as City and Regional Planning, saw it fit to dedicate time and effort to prepare a draft for consideration by PANORAMA’s editors. All in all, we received well over two dozen papers and design spreads, thirteen of which are presented to you here.

That said, there is no subtitle or caption for this year’s edition. In previous volumes, our predecessors have righteously and correctly themed the journal to fit the quantity and scope of the selected articles. Because of the deliberate change in vision this year, we found it disingenuous to limit the diverse ideas presented to a single theme, as the very name of this publication, PANORAMA, is meant to encapsulate this wideness implicitly.

-- Ben Penansky (Senior Editor), Samuel Sklar (Senior Editor), Wenhaou Wu (Junior Creative Editor), Jessica Laurel Arias (Junior Content Editor), Sanford Klanfer (Junior Content Editor)