City and Regional Planning

Panorama 2017

Annual Student Journal of City & Regional Planning

Welcome to Panorama, PennDesign’s City and Regional Planning journal. Panorama is a student-run publication, collecting the best of students’ work from around the School of Design. You’ll notice that the articles this year range in size, scope, and location. This is purposeful. We believe that Panorama should reflect the work of PennDesign students from around the world, and the cities that influence our daily lives.

In this edition, you’ll recognize themes of resiliency and community tied into stories of planning globally and locally. You’ll travel to San Diego and Rotterdam to look at the history of planning with water. You’ll learn about the great planning innovations of past and present: Mexico City’s 19th century Zócalo, racial integration in 20th century suburban Chicago, and new downtowns in 21st century Kuala Lumpur. The 25th edition of Panorama is an ode to cities of all shapes and sizes, to ensure that we never lose sight of what our work here at PennDesign means for the world.

We look forward to sharing the 2017 Panorama journal with you.

The Panorama Editors
Wenhao Wu, Jessica Arias, Sandy Klanfer, Robbie Romo, Annie Streetman, Sarah Halle