City and Regional Planning

Reimagining Penn Station

Spring 2013 Studio

2013 Studio

To some, the original Penn Station, designed by Charles McKim and operated through the first half of the 20th century, was the greatest train station not only in New York, but in the entire world. Its demolition and replacement with the existing Penn Station (in the basement below Madison Square Garden) has been cited as the origin of the historic preservation movement, and remains a sore subject for New Yorkers to this day.

The proposal of this studio report will not rebuild the original Penn Station. Instead, this studio seeks to do better for New York, constructing a global gateway worhty of McKim's legacy but grounded in 21st century planning and design principles and built from the tracks up to support next-generation high-speed rail. Doing so will transform not only the immediate district around Penn Station, but the economic future of the entire New York region.

You can access the report here:


Marilyn Jordan Taylor, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Former Dean
Robert Yaro, Professor of Practice Emeritus