City and Regional Planning

Sao Paulo Innovation District

Spring 2015

Working with Sao Paulo Urbanismo and the University of Sao Paulo, this second year studio set out to design an innovation district in the Mooca-Vila Carioca Urban Operations Consortium.  The studio examined case studies of innovation districts around the world.  It then combined these takeaways with an anaylsis of the social, economic and environmental aspects of Brazil, Sao Paulo and Mooca-Vila in order to create visions for the site.  For each vision, five different "What Ifs" were developed in order to identify specific measures neeed to implement the innovation district.

The final plan consists of three different innovation nodes, each with its own identity and catalyst.  They are all linked by site-wide infrastructure investments, as well as implementation policies, that form one cohesive innovation district.




Evan Rose (1964-2015), Professor of Practice