Responding to COVID-19: Spring 2022

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 26, individuals who are required to participate in the screening testing programand did not attend a test in the past week, and/or schedule an upcoming test for this week, will automatically be assigned a non-compliance Red Pass in PennOpen Pass. 

These individuals will not be admitted to University buildings, Penn Transit vehicles, or Penn Medicine facilities on Tuesday. Schools and Centers will direct their front door staff to continue their processes to deny admittance to those who have Red Passes. Students, however, will be allowed into their College Houses only.

Those Required to Test Once Per Week:

  1. Graduate students who come to campus each week.
  2. Faculty, emeritus faculty and other retirees, postdocs, academic affiliates, and staff who are on campus for four or more hours each week throughout the semester.

The onus of flipping the pass back to Green is on the affected individuals and their actions. They must schedule a test to resume or begin their testing cadence – it is that simple. However, after scheduling the upcoming test they must wait for the automated process to run overnight for PennOpen Pass to remove their non-compliance Red Pass (and only if there is no other reason for a Red Pass such as a positive test result or answers to the screening questions). No other action can flip back a non-compliance Red Pass – not a call or note to the CRT leaders, other University leadership, or to the COVID Resource Call Center. The University is committed to preserving the safety of us all and the continuation of the spring semester.  Please remember that the purpose of this action is to promote compliance with the testing protocol. We simply do not know the COVID status of those who do not perform screening testing.

To avoid a non-compliance Red Pass, please make sure to schedule and complete weekly testing.

More information for the University community can be found on the Penn COVID-19 Response website.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about this process.

Emily McCully and Karl Wellman