Responding to COVID-19: Spring 2022

Good Morning,

We are seeing an increase in red passes within the Weitzman School of Design, in relation to the Penn Cares COVID testing, and want to remind you of the following:

Those Required to Test Once Per Week:

  1. Graduate students who come to campus each week.
  2. Faculty, emeritus faculty and other retirees, postdocs, academic affiliates, and staff who are on campus for four or more hours each week throughout the semester.

Once you schedule a test you are automatically enrolled in the Penn Cares Program and must schedule each week to remain compliant.

Please email Karl at  if you accidentally enrolled and do not meet the requirements.  He can remove you from the system.  Do not contact the COVID Resource Center as they will still need to contact Karl for confirmation.

Finally, the university will not allow “screening tests”. You must either be enrolled in the weekly Penn Cares Program, be symptomatic, or directed by the university (due to contact tracing) to receive a COVID test.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Emily McCully and Karl Wellman