Undergraduate Fine Arts and Design

Chris Landau


Chris Landau is the Manager of Design Technology at OLIN, an internationally recognized landscape architecture firm, known for their work projects such as the US Embassy in London and Apple Park. Chris has an MFA in interdisciplinary art and design from the University of Michigan and a BFA in Printmaking from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Chris has exhibited animations and installations in a number of exhibitions including the Vancouver Biennale and Animated Architecture in Philadelphia. In addition to being an artist and designer, Chris has become a specialist in creating design and visualization tools tailored to creatingenvironments both real and imagined. Chris is an educator at OLIN and Penn. He also leads OLIN's TECH LAB, an R&D group that creates super-tools for designers to powerfully enhance life in the built environment. His most recent endeavor is a design system, called Land Agents. It allows designers to explore opportunity spaces for sites of many scales using both analytical and subjective factors within an agent-based model. Chris has a deep interest in creative tools that resemble responsive, living systems.