Undergraduate Fine Arts and Design

Erlin Geffrard


Erlin Geffrard constructs organic approach to the tradition of painting to explore ideas about intergenerational, spiritual and cultural mutations. The multitude of mark making techniques that are applied reflect ritual and cultural traditions that are channelled (consciously and unconsciously) in the process of depicting people and their landscapes. Using a melange of digital and analog modalities the artist makes use of materials ranging from  needle and thread; paper and pencil; arduionos and LED lights; paint and glitter, to bridge craft and ceremonial tradition. Upon first glance the thick layers of contrasting textures of glossy and crisp paint do not give way to the encrypted issues of race, gender, and religion. These conflicts are revealed via popup cut outs in the canvas and imagery which subverts the vibrant nature of the paintings. The warped and mutated physical characteristics of the figures recall personal and familial experiences of cultural demonization.The attitudes surrounding Haitan Voodon culture are neither rejected nor accepted within his process.