Undergraduate Fine Arts and Design

Sébastien Derenoncourt


Sébastien Derenoncourt is a “Design Thinking” focused, consultant with a distinguished career leading and overseeing the creative, strategic direction and business operations modeling of influential, award-winning global interactive properties, eCommerce businesses, online publishing concerns, mobile & social products, entertainment products and a number of advertising strategies.

An experienced design educator and thinker, focused on expanding and developing the creative potential of design & user experience teams; he maintains a keen awareness of new industry best practices and design methodologies, ensuring the alignment of business goals with evidence supported user centric solutions.

He has worked in advertising, publishing, and corporate communication tackling interactive, Film/Video and print; communications, social media, dating, marketing, advertising & software design, direction & development.

He initiated his career in Chicago in the early 90s, following his studies at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago; initially on pre-web interactive and media projects for ad agencies, such as Bozell International & JW Thompson, as well as corporate communication projects for Anderson Consulting, IRI and Zurich Kemper then moved to New York City for the dotcom boom, where he worked in the initial online publishing efforts of Hearst Publishing, followed by a variety of startups, and later in stints at a number of design and ad agencies, including Funny Garbage, Tribal DDB, McCann Ericksson, Grey, Publicis, and others.

He relocated to Philadelphia a few years ago, to pursue new opportunities in higher education and to refocus his art practice; in the process cofounding and running the fine arts co-working & meeting space Art/Assembly, organizing a number of theory & practice centric events as well as regular community critiques as well as collaborating on a number of process centric workshops and presentations. 
He strives to participates frequently in the Philadelphia art scene and is always interested in discourses on the minutia and concepts underlying successful art practices and  and challenging cultural theory.

He has continued his work as a creative consultant using human centered evidence based design methodologies addressing projects in user experience, usability and business process design, for a variety of corporate, small business and non-profit organizations.