Undergraduate Fine Arts and Design

Posted February 5, 2015
RHex Paints

Meet our first robotic painting student

Ever wonder about the diversity of students who use the painting studio in Fine Arts each year?

Well, RHex is our first Robotic Student!  Watch RHex create a masterpiece (with a little help from his handlers at Penn Engineering).

From IEEE:

My editor once said that RHex, the super strong and nimble hexapod, is “the honey badger of robots.” But RHex is not just all brawn. It turns out the robot has an artistic side as well.

Shortly before the Penn School of Design classes began, this past summer RHex borrowed a studio and explored its artistic abilities. RHex had three artist assistants, Anna, Mauricio and Diedra, to help with the execution. The path of the robot was not preplanned but in the future RHex will have the ability to walk without human assistance.

Most of the painting was done using a tripod gait. Other mark making was done by using the turn in place behavior. The turn in place enabled the legs to have longer contact with the ground to make more interesting marks. At first the tire treads from its C shaped legs left decisive traces on the paper. Sponge brushes attached to the legs had the most painterly results. 

Read more about RHex here: http://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/robotics-hardware/video-friday-mars-helicopter-100-robi-dance-putin-combat-robot.

and here: http://kodlab.seas.upenn.edu/RHex/Home