Graduation Application

Application for graduation must be made in order to be considered for degree. Applications for graduation will not be accepted any earlier than one semester prior to the term you are expected to graduate. Submit this application form prior to the graduation calendar for deadlines established for the term/year you are applying for graduation.  Application deadlines:

Fall 2018: October 19, 2018
Spring 2019: February 22, 2019

Expected graduates enrolled in the M.S. in Architecture, Ph.D. in Architecture, and/or Ph.D. in City Planning programs MUST ALSO apply to graduate with Graduate Arts and Sciences: Graduate Arts and Sciences Graduation Application. All others need only complete the application below.

The regulations of the School of Design specify that a student must satisfy and clear all degree requirements to be considered for graduation. Please refer to the graduation calendar for the deadlines to clear and/or reconcile incomplete/missing requirements. Students with missing requirements will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies.

All students with an account balance of $200 or more will have a hold placed on their diploma and academic record. Students with a financial hold are still eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies.

Please notify the PennDesign Office of Student Services if you will not be graduating in the term applied for. If you withdraw your application you must reapply for graduation. This application will not roll over.

Biographical Information
Your legal first name
The email address you list here will be utilized for all correspondence regarding graduation eligibility and commencement festivities. Please list an email address that you utilize on a daily basis or you risk missing important details.
Please provide a non-PennDesign email address in order that the school can keep in touch after graduation.
Please give us your full name exactly as you wish it to appear on your diploma. Please specify any special punctuation, diacritic marks, spacing etc. Please *do not* use CAPS.
Please provide the phonetic spelling of your name to ensure it is pronounced correctly during the May PennDesign Commencement Ceremony. For example: Name: Sporan Dweeyakus, Phonetic Spelling: So-ran Dee-ache-woos
Commencement Participation