Graduate Admissions

Carolina Schultz

MArch/MLA '21

Hometown: Fort Myers, Florida
Education Background: Bachelor of Design in Architecture, minor in Landscape Architecture, University of Florida, 2017

How did you get interested in your field?
Since second grade I had decided I would become an architect. I applied and attended the University of Florida for architecture. A project I did in the beginning of my junior year at the University of Florida led me to realize how important the land is in connection with the built environment. As a result, I focused on completing a minor in Landscape Architecture. By the time I started applying to graduate schools I was convinced that I wanted to study both Architecture and Landscape Architecture to improve the quality of my designs.

What was your background prior to coming to the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design?
I graduated from the University of Florida this past April with a Bachelors of Design. I primarily studied Architecture and minored in Landscape Architecture. Why did you choose Penn? Penn offered me the opportunity to study both Architecture and Landscape Architecture taught mostly digitally, with access to a variety of production methods, and in a city environment.

What has been your favorite class so far?
I just completed a two week course known as Digiblast. I enjoyed the tips I learned in there that help make the programs I use frequently run more efficiently on my computer. In addition, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet some of my future classmates, not all in the same programs. I look forward to learning and growing with them in our time at the Weitzman School.

What are you learning right now that will help you in the future?
So far it has been a review/introduction of digital skills which are important when so much of today’s design is done on the computer.

What do you like best about Philadelphia?
This is my first time living in a big city and it’s an exciting experience! I really love the walkability. If you have time in your schedule just walking to the museums, different restaurants, farmers markets, or any of the fun pop-up events that happen in the parks helps you learn the city a lot better than driving in circles. The city is such a vibrant place and a walk can really uplift your mood.

What kinds of activities and/or organizations are you involved in?
Aside from the Ambassador program I am not currently involved in any organizations. Knowing my track record though I’m sure that will change once classes start. Outside of school I’m practicing my cooking, getting ready to exercise again, and marking books off my reading list.

What are your career ambitions?
After graduation I’ll be primarily focused on completing the requirements for licensure. After licensure I will most likely work until I can manage a firm of my own. My aim in professional practice is to move into design of public places which engages the public in fostering a more loving connection between nature and man’s impact on nature. I feel that the design of public spaces is extremely important to the development of community. Public spaces should be areas that people feel comfortable to express opinions and to learn from others. I feel that by learning to design in these two fields and combining my skill set in everything I design I will better be able to get this message across. I hope to engage many people into a discussion of man’s role in natural affairs and in their own community.

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