Historic Preservation

This page will contain departmental updates on how COVID-19 will effect Historic Preservation students. See here for Schoolwide updates.

As always feel free to contact Frank, Micah or Courtney, as necessary.

News from the Bunker

Faculty Office Hours

Frank Matero
Thursday 2:00pm-5:00pm
sign up via youcanbookme.com. Remember to add your phone number

Randall Mason
Tuesday and Thursday, 3:00-5:00pm
Please sign up at calendly.com/rfmason and include your preferred phone number
And other times by request: email to rfmason@design.upenn.edu

Anne Nelson
Send a request via email to anelson@savingplaces.org to set up either a Zoom meeting or a conference call. 
Available throughout the week, not just on Fridays.


Spring Courses

You have already, or soon will be getting updates on course syllabi for the remainder of the semester. Guest lecturers may be cancelled, assignments revised; some faculty may continue to meet in a ‘live’ format, others may choose to tape their lectures instead. Please keep in mind some of your classmates may well be in different time zones or their internet access limited which will limit the continuation of ‘live’ meetings. Taping lectures will give everyone the ability to participate and revisit sessions and work independently. Each faculty member has been asked to redesign their course to their own specifications, preferably using school-sanctioned platforms: BlueJeans for video-conferencing and Canvas or Juno for course management.


All Weitzman School students will also have the option to be graded Pass/No Pass for your coursework in the spring 2020 term. We hope that providing this option will alleviate some of the stress and burden on our community.

Students who wish to convert a course or studio to Pass/No Pass will need to “opt in” to this designation by submitting a written request via email to Dana McElroy, Weitzman Registrar, at mcelroyd@design.upenn.edu. (Note that we have modified the procedure to streamline the processing of requests.) Students will have until the end of the day on Monday, April 13 to submit their request. 

Summer Internship

Since we have no guarantee that internship sponsors will be able to continue to offer internships, the requirement for summer internship has been waived. However, we strongly encourage all first years to pursue internships. Several positions will be open with PennPraxis and The Center for Architectural Conservation and will be reconfirmed soon.

Internship Night has been rescheduled for March 26th at 6pm  and will be remote. More on that soon.

Open House

Open House is still planned for April 6, albeit virtually. Those of you who agreed to participate will be contacted soon to prepare for a live Q&A session with the incoming class. Unfortunately, Open House Happy Hour will also need to be virtual.